HHHHHHIIIIIIIII!!!!! The theme of ” Simon’s scoop.” is to not give up.

You may be wondering,”how does he know this?” “What makes him think that?” “Why does he keep on writing what he thinks I’m think?” Anyway I know this because when time  got tough for Simon he didn’t give up! And that’s the theme of “Simon’s scoop.” (Feel free to applause).


This is a mod for minecraft PC  it’s called the “mutant creepers mod”  if you know minecraft then a normal creeper explodes it is only like three blocks deep and wide. but the mutant creeper’s expolshion’s is like ten blocks, and he head butts and spawns creepers! but when you defeat him you get a creeper egg and break it you get a creeper pet with 500 health. Check it out for your self! BYE!!!


Simon is a boy who wants to be a reporter, so he comes up with one just for starting. It’s about a toad who becomes a clown.(it’s not real). Then he sees a dog with thinks is abandon so he wrights a story about it, and brings it to a publishing company they find out it just doesn’t like being in doors. Then he thinks he sees someone famous who has a secret that he’s really a football coach , he brings it to the publishing company he’s really just a normal football coach. Will Simon find a good scoop? Read it to find out! =)

NFL most adorable fan?!?!

In the Happy News text, “NFL’s most adorable fan.”The three year old Kylee knows all the Sea Hawks names and numbers. the Sea Hawks say. “This is by far the cutest fan we have ever had!” And every night instead reading books before Kylee goes to bed, her Dad reads her sports magcine’s and news articals about the Sea Hawks. (Personally I like the Browns better 🙂 ).